ARE-ON is a state entity governed by the presidents and chancellors of participating institutions in cooperation with the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. The governing structure of ARE-ON includes a Board of Directors as the strategic governing body, a Management Council as the operational governing body, and a Steering Committee as a technical advisory body.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of the presidents and chancellors of the 11 founding institutions and has decision-making authority for the ARE-ON organization, including but not limited to:

  • Hiring and evaluating the Executive Director
  • Developing and implementing strategic plans as needed
  • Ensuring adequate resources are available and managed effectively
  • Determining and monitoring programs and services
  • Formulating Board policy
  • Fulfilling fiduciary responsibility
  • Evaluating and modifying the Board's mission and purpose as necessary
  • Forming and appointing the Management Council, consortium committees, task forces, and study groups as deemed appropriate

Steering Committee

The ARE-ON Steering Committee, made up of representatives from ARE-ON member institutions, provides tactical and operational guidance to the Chief Technology Officer. The Steering Committee reviews technical plans, addresses issues and concerns of interest to members, and evaluates applications and uses of the network. An Engineering Work Group assists the Chief Technology Officer in formulating operational network guidelines, policies, and procedures.

Participation in the ARE-ON Steering Committee is voluntary and open only to ARE-ON members. The Steering Committee makes formal recommendations through the Chief Technology Officer to the Management Council and Executive Director.