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Membership in The Quilt

Posted by on 4 February 2014

ARE-ON is pleased to announce that it has been accepted as a member of The Quilt, which is the national coalition of advanced regional networks for research and education, representing near three dozen R&E networks across the country. Participants in The Quilt provide advanced network services and applications to over 200 universities and thousands of other educational institutions. Through its membership in The Quilt, ARE-ON adds its voice to the national community of our network peer organizations, as well as to participate in initiatives that provide real value to our member institutions.  The Quilt provides a great platform for dialogue and consensus building regarding national policy affecting our states and networking organizations.  In addition, The Quilt sponsors competitively bid and nationally negotiated purchasing agreements through which its Authorized Buyers are able to purchase such services as commodity Internet service.  Learn more about The Quilt at